What is Montessori?

Montessori education sets itself apart from other forms of education because:

Montessori is child-centered, individualized learning.

Each child is at a different stage of their development. The Montessori teacher is trained to observe and present to the child Montessori materials that meet their specific needs at each stage of development.

Montessori is “hands on learning.”

Children explore and interact with the materials and people that surround them.  As they come in touch with the concrete world, they build concentration, order, and physical coordination that lays a foundation for learning throughout life. Children teach themselves under the guidance of their teacher.

Montessori is movement.

Children are free to move around the classroom in a coordinated, calm way. Through their purposeful movement and freedom of choice the child develops coordination, self-discipline,  problem-solving skills, and satisfaction of time well spent.

Montessori is mixed age
communities that span 3-4 years.

Learning side by side, the younger child observes the work of the older student seeing what is in store for them. The older student has a leadership and modeling role plus the pleasure of helping a younger friend. Teachers, having  children for three years, know them well and can guide their development seamlessly.

Montessori is peaceful.

Children learn in an atmosphere of respect and responsibility where they care for each other and their classroom.  Children learn to solve differences between themselves in a peaceful way, to wait their turn and move and behave with grace and courtesy. A Montessori classroom is a joyful place to be.

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